About d00mnet

Sherman, set the wayback machine to around 1998. By some strange twist of luck or fate, six or so random people came to be friends over IRC on EFnet. After several years of frustration over EFnet's sporradic server availability and reliability we decided to start our own network. Shortly before, masa had been linking an IRC server of his to other larger networks, so he had the most experience out of all of us. He set up the main hub, we all linked on, and d00mnet was created.

Right now, d00mnet averages about 60 users at any given time and we are looking to grow to a larger and even more successful network. Most of d00mnet's traffic is derived from the success of Japan-A-Radio, which has it's IRC channel hosted right here on d00mnet.

We look forward to bringing you years of reliable service in the future so that we can grow right along with you.